Who we are

We are a storytelling agency that has developed its own style from a vast experience in advertising, journalism, script writing, film production and film direction.

Our mission is to turn brands into thought leaders by the power of STORY. To achieve that, we create engaging, compelling content that keeps customers coming back for more.

We are consumed with the story and constantly looking for new ways to share it. In a world where audiences have been flooded and òverloaded with ùnderwhelming content, we unlock those - bored - audiences by offering them stories they can and want to believe in.

A culture cannot evolve without honest, powerful storytelling. When society repeatedly experiences glossy, hollowed-out, pseudo-stories, it degenerates.
— Robert McKee

Robert McKee is arguably the most acclaimed script doctor of all time. With his help we have identified the key elements that turn stories - from ‘Jaws’ to ’50 Shades of Grey’ - into million-selling box office hits. We apply those principles to brands. To yoùr brand. So we can turn your message into a box-office hit.

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We are part of the &Koo network - a close-knit ‘group of one’. We work and live closely together in the same building - not unlike those men and women who wrote so many great stories in the legendary Brill Building. These creative, innovative and technological whiz kids provide us with all the necessary inspirational and technological know-how to make our - and more importantly yoùr - storytelling dreams come true.



Elementary Content Strategy.



Websites and experience-driven, multi-sensory audiovisuals.



Fingerlickin’ good illustrations.



Builders of interactive and immersive experiences.



In the war for talent, they conquer the millennials.



Websites, interactive and out-of-the-box illustrative storytelling.